Shakespeare's Landlord - Charlaine Harris

I started Lily Bard series, because I loved the Aurora Teagarden series. Lovable characters all around, great stories and a good development of the characters throughout the six books the series entails.


I'm sort of disappointed however with the first book. In this genre, cozy crime that is, you really need a good protagonist, one you can love, feel with an root for. For me not the case (so far) with Lily Bard. I wanted to live through the pain that she suffered in the past (and the reason she moved to Shakespeare), but I didn't. I want to like her new 'her', but I don't. I want to like the other characters, but again, I don't (maybe Claude is the exception).


So, I'm going to give Lily Bard one more chance with the second book, you never know..., but if nothing really changes, it's goodbye from me to a little town called Shakespeare.