Kaas (Afrikaans Edition) - Willem Elsschot
A very Dutch book, in old Dutch spelling. This will prob­a­bly be lost in the Eng­lish trans­la­tion and I have no idea how that will effect the story, because I read the book in Dutch. I think though the prob­lems the main char­ac­ter encoun­ters are uni­ver­sal; feel­ing unim­por­tant in the job and as a human, want­ing to change it and hav­ing a hard time doing so, with even a harder time decid­ing to go back to being a very small part in the world again. The process of these choices made are very well writ­ten down by Elss­chot and I felt the strug­gles the main char­ac­ter had to go through. I could under­stand his want­ing to be some­body after feel­ing a nobody for so long, being heard at par­ties where he was always ignored. I could also see that the world he got into wasn’t his world at all. The dif­fer­ences of the two worlds were well worked out by the author. Only a very small book, but if you have the chance you should read it.