Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe - Fannie Flagg
The story is told with charm and will grab you as soon as you read the first “Weems Weekly”. What made the book impres­sive for me was the fact that it made me real­ize how time goes by and that all sto­ries and sit­u­a­tions go from hap­pen­ing to mem­ory to non exist­ing when the peo­ple who lived it die. See­ing a char­ac­ter at the age of 57, telling a story about his child­hood to his grand­child, that you as reader read just 50 pages back, is very con­fronting about how time doesn’t stand still and about the fact that noth­ing stays the same for­ever. A painful, but happy real­iza­tion at the same time. And that is the ambiva­lent feel­ing I’m hav­ing about the book: I’m glad I read it and still want more, but I’m also glad I’m fin­ished, because my life will also never be the same again and I have to get used to that feel­ing for a while.