The Tournament: A Novel of the 20th Century - John  Clarke
What will hap­pen if Hem­ing­way plays ten­nis against Hei­deg­ger, or T.S. Eliot against Marx? And what are their state­ments after­words? You will read it in this crazy (in the good sense of the word) book. A reporter gives all of us a cov­er­age of the biggest sports event of the decade. Each nation is field­ing their great­est names and each of those names wants to be the best. So make way for the great­est minds of the last cen­tury in the great­est bat­tle of all times.

Quite a dif­fer­ent book. This book for one has no plot. But really, does that mat­ter when you have such a great line-up? It is a super read with moments you will never forget.