A Bluethroat Morning - Jacqui Lofthouse
Well, an inter­est­ing enough story to grab you, you would think. But it couldn’t grab me. I don’t under­stand how it is a thriller. For me there were no ele­ments of a thriller in it. The story never dis­turbed or sur­prised me. The book is writ­ten in one metaphor after the other and most of the facts are given to us three times in a row. I also got the feel­ing the author wanted us to know she is a grad­u­ate and she knows her names of famous poets and philoso­phers. No need for the names in the story but they are summed up to us like it is noth­ing.
All these things irri­tated me and made the book a strug­gle to get through, although it may have been the Dutch trans­la­tion (Een per­fecte glim­lach) that did most of the damage.