I Luv Halloween, #2 - Keith Giffen
A totally dis­turb­ing, but hilar­i­ous story about a group of chil­dren going trick-or-treating with Halloween.

The leg­end goes that what sort of candy you get at the first house pre­dict what the loot will be for the rest of the night. And it so hap­pens Finch and his bud­dies get apples from the old lady who lives at the first house. Not a good omen and the granny will pay for this!

Be amazed about the plan the ter­ri­ble and ter­ri­fy­ing bunch comes up with and have fun read­ing how it acts out.

I also have read vol­ume 2 and 3 now and it only gets weirder and more dis­turb­ing. Ergo, I had a great time read­ing this series.