The Hours - Michael Cunningham
In this book every­thing is hang up on one term: inter-­tex­tu­al­ity.
Mrs. Dal­loway is the subject/object that is the inter­me­di­ate between three women, three, as it seems at first, totally dif­fer­ent and inco­her­ent lives. There is Vir­ginia Woolf, who is writ­ing Mrs Dal­loway, strug­gling with her story. There is Laura Brown, who is read­ing Mrs Dal­loway and Clarissa who is the late ’90 ver­sion of Mrs Dal­loway. Every woman has her own strug­gles and doubts. We, the read­ers, are given a look in their worlds, their emo­tions, thoughts and even­tu­ally their decisions.

It’ s a story about live and death, or bet­ter yet, about the deci­sion to live or to die.

Telling any­thing else is giv­ing the story away, because every­thing has to do with every­thing else. Just read this one for yourself!