Elements of Style - Wendy Wasserstein
What a great book! It made me laugh, it made me cry — in the pos­i­tive sense of the word — it made me bump into things (and people…sorry!) because I didn’t have time to look up from the book, it was so absorb­ing that even my boyfriend, who reads a lot him­self, got a lit­tle impa­tient with me when after the x-th time I still didn’t answer him.
On the cover of the book it says it is a modern-age Jane Austen and I can relate to that. The critic on soci­ety and cul­tural rules are plenty rep­re­sented, but never a has­sle. The style is upbeat, but with an in depth story (line), a lot of round char­ac­ters, inter­twined with each other and each mak­ing their own life within the given cir­cum­stances.
This is def­i­nitely a book I could read again.