Carry On, Jeeves   - P.G. Wodehouse
This first Jeeves book has ten sto­ries in which Jeeves saves the day. The first nine are writ­ten by Bertie, the last one by Jeeves. The sto­ries are fun enough to read, but after the first four or five, you will get a sense of deja vu. Every story is build (up) the same way: Wooster is at home, a friend is in trou­ble, Jeeves comes up with a great idea, that idea turns bad, so Jeeves comes with a sec­ond plan and saves the day after all. All sto­ries are writ­ten with a good sense of wit and humor, I loved the writ­ing style, but after ten sto­ries I still had enough for a while. I think, from now one, I will read one Jeeves book per year, to keep it fun.