Proof - David Auburn
It’s Catherine’s birth­day. She is turn­ing twenty-five, but already spent most of her adult life car­ing for her manic-depressive father Robert, hav­ing to discard her own study and stu­dent life. Now that Robert is dead she has dif­fi­culty to get her own life back on track. She doesn’t leave the house with all her father’s stuff and 103 note­books he left behind. When her estranged sis­ter Claire arrives and Hal, a stu­dent inter­ested in her father’s work, shows up, she has to get out of her shell she built after Robert’s death and has to con­front her own desires. She knows she inher­ited her father’s genius for math­e­mat­ics, but has he also inherited his ‘madness’?

A story about math­e­mat­i­cal geniuses, ingeniously por­trait by Auburn. The prob­lems of sib­ling rela­tions and rivalry and of love are sub­tle inter­wo­ven through­out the math­e­mat­i­cal theme of the story. What does it take to get com­fort­able with your­self and your inheritance? How can you build a life and care for your­self when you spent most of your life caring for others?