Happiness TM - Will Ferguson
A satire about the self-help books cul­ture in America.

Edwin de Valu has a job in pub­lish­ing. He often sits behind the slush ­pile to (re)direct the incom­ing scripts right into the paper bas­ket. Then one morn­ing his boss Léon has an announce­ment: their per­son­al­ized gold­mine in self-help books is in jail. No best­seller this year, or does any­one have a great idea. Edwin jumps up before he can help him­self and promises his boss the biggest hit he has ever known. Meet­ing over.
Only prob­lem is, he just put his best­seller in the waste bas­ket and the bas­ket is now empty.
When the book is found again, after lots of stress, the real stress begins. The book becomes a great hit…the biggest hit since, well…ever. Every­body happy you would think, wrong, very very wrong. The whole US is happy, except one per­son, right, Edwin. His whole life is falling into pieces with every copy of his discov­ery that is sold. How can he stop this down­hill spiral?

A very satir­i­cal and enter­tain­ing book.