The Dirk Gently Omnibus - Douglas Adams
Dirk Gently is a detective, but not some ordinary detective. He seeks answers in the fact that things are con nected with each other in an almost unexplainable way, a metaphysical way, or as Dirk says it: in an holistic way. So try to explain how these following components fit together in one story: a missing cat, two ghosts, a dodo, an Electric Monk, a professor, an ex university student, a greedy detective, detecting and triangulating vectors of intercon­nectedness of all things and the saving of the human race from total extinc­tion. It’s a tough job, even for Dirk together with his col lege mate Richard, but hey, some body has to do it.

Douglas Adams knows how to entertain people with the right mixture of humour, (science) fiction and philosophy. If you liked The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, you certainly going to appreciate this one too.