Palace Pier - Keith Waterhouse
I can’t quite explain what is wrong with this book, but some­thing just isn’t right. I see the humor in the book, it is even my kind of humor, but still I don’t know.

What the book sup­posed to be about is: Chris Duffy, a has-been writer in the autumn of his life is in his way try­ing to get pub­lished again. What I read how­ever is: Chris Duffy, a writer of age who is always drunk, irri­tat­ing to his fel­low humans and self-absorbed is try­ing to get pub­lished or at least famous again all means nec­es­sary, even if that means, get­ting his hands on a unpub­lished script of his favorite writer and pub­lish it under his own name. Maybe such a main char­ac­ter can be humor­ous, for me he was just annoy­ing. In all his self-inflicted mis­ery he couldn’t count on my sympathy.

Sorry Duffy, you’re on your own!