About Schmidt. Film Tie In - Louis Begley
I have to say a few things about this book. First: don’t see the film before read­ing the book! It took me nearly 100 pages to get Jack Nichol­son out of my mind and real­ize that the book is totally dif­fer­ent from the film. Sec­ond: I didn’t like the lack of quo­ta­tion marks. Every­thing said didn’t stand out from thoughts and sit­u­a­tions. Beg­ley said in an inter­view the rea­son for that “comes from my par­tic­u­lar dis­like of the way quo­ta­tion marks look on a page. I think they look like lit­tle bugs.” That may be the case, but I need them for my read­ing plea­sure. Third: for me it wasn’t really a story. The book could have started and ended every­where, any­time. So why write it, is my ques­tion then. That said, I really liked the humor that was very sub­tle in the Schmidt’s thoughts and actions. The “story” is smartly written.