New Cardiff - Charles Webb
This very humor­ous book will take you away from your own life. Two main rea­sons for that: first, the story is great with lots of explicit and implicit humor, but sec­ond and for me more impor­tant, this book con­tains mostly direct dia­log. You get very lit­tle to go on when it comes to tone of speech, sur­round­ings, man­ners, etc. You have to pic­ture them all your­self by read­ing the dia­log. So although this book is very easy to read, it will keep you very busy. No sit­ting back and relax, but mak­ing a story together with Webb. What is also very spe­cial about this book is, that it has draw­ings of some of the char­ac­ters. Colin is an artist and draws for his own exhi­bi­tion in Lon­don dur­ing his stay in Amer­ica. These draw­ings he makes in New Cardiff are given to us, so we can see (lit­er­ally) who we are read­ing about.