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4 Stars
Cannot help myself...
Interlude in Death - J.D. Robb

...but I just love the In Death series by J.D. Robb.


This 12 1/2 book within this series is, like the other installments, fast-paced and lots of fun to read.
"Only" three deaths, "only" two of them murders, and "only" one hot sizzling "encounter" between Roarke & Eve, but it is just a short side story, so you can't expect a lot more of all the good stuff ;-)

I just have to start #13, don't I?

Sorry Lily...
Shakespeare's Champion - Charlaine Harris

...I tried, but after 50 or so pages, you (and the other characters living in Shakespeare) still didn't do it for me.


Shakespeare, Lily Bard, I bid you farewell! (I did warn you...)

2.5 Stars
Only one more try...
Shakespeare's Landlord - Charlaine Harris

I started Lily Bard series, because I loved the Aurora Teagarden series. Lovable characters all around, great stories and a good development of the characters throughout the six books the series entails.


I'm sort of disappointed however with the first book. In this genre, cozy crime that is, you really need a good protagonist, one you can love, feel with an root for. For me not the case (so far) with Lily Bard. I wanted to live through the pain that she suffered in the past (and the reason she moved to Shakespeare), but I didn't. I want to like her new 'her', but I don't. I want to like the other characters, but again, I don't (maybe Claude is the exception).


So, I'm going to give Lily Bard one more chance with the second book, you never know..., but if nothing really changes, it's goodbye from me to a little town called Shakespeare.

4.5 Stars
Conspiracy in Death  - J.D. Robb

I really liked the interactions between Roarke and Eve in this book. Their relationship is always a source of great enjoyment, but here it excelled for me.

5 Stars
The Waterproof Bible - Andrew Kaufman

As ever Kaufman delivers again with a beautiful crafted and amazing story about love, family and friendship.

3.5 Stars
Not her best...
Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward

Where the last few books got better with Ward's story about the dangers and wars the Brotherhood were dealing with, this book took a step back, unfortunately.

Reading progress update: I've read 90 out of 609 pages.
Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward
Abbreviated Books

Abbreviated Books are my condensed versions of books I’ve read. Please, do not take these brief descriptions too seriously. I love books, I love reading them and I always try to get the most out of them. I’m just trying to discover the possibilities to reduce plots into the absurd with the help of short dialogues, most often between characters of the mentioned books.

Introverts unite!

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3 Stars
Asterix bij de Picten (Asterix, #35)
Asterix bij de Picten (Asterix, #35) - Jean-Yves Ferri, Didier Conrad
Er is weer hoop voor Asterix. Niet zo goed als de oudere strips van Uderzo en Goscinny samen en misschien moet ik dat ook niet meer verwachten, maar dit laatste deel (van een nieuwe tekstschrijver en tekenaar) is zeker een stap in de goede richting.
4 Stars
Rapture in Death: AND Ceremony in Death
Multi-book Set: Rapture in Death / Ceremony in Death - J.D. Robb
Very good stories (second better than first).
But this edition is very badly edited. Spelling errors everywhere.
3 Stars
Murder Between the Covers (Dead-End Job Mysteries, Book 2)
Murder Between the Covers (Dead-End Job Mysteries, Book 2) - Elaine Viets
This is the second book in the series and Elaine Viets has her sleuth Helen working in a book store. Especially nice to read for me, because I work in a book store as well and I could relate to the strange world of a book seller. The rest of the book is what a ‘cozy crime’ should be; an enjoyable and easy read.
3 Stars
Pretty In Ink: A Tattoo Shop Mystery
Pretty in Ink - Karen E. Olson
The second book in the series. I enjoyed the first one, so I just kept going into this one. And although these books are not as crafted as, let’s say, the …in Death series by J.D. Robb, I had a good time reading them. I don’t know when I’m going to read the third, because after a while the books tend to be the same as the previous one. Just a nice, quick and enjoyable read.
2 Stars
MR Toppit
Mr. Toppit - Charles Elton
The book started out very promising. Nice bit of humour, Luke a nice and interesting character. But then the focus shifted from the "family drama" to a story with too many people, too much and unnecessary "intrigue". If Mr. Elton had kept the story small and had only focused on the direct family, it could have been a far better book.
5 Stars
The Imperfectionists: A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle)
The Imperfectionists - Tom Rachman
In a wise and witty way Rachman delivers a very real story about an international newspaper based in Rome and the colorful people working there. Every character has his or her own short story, but at the end of the book you will have a complete picture of the weird, sometimes insane, reality called their lives.
2 Stars
Eleven Minutes
Eleven Minutes - Paulo Coelho
The difference between a soap and a good movie is exactly the difference between this and a good book. A good book, just like a movie, creates a world, an atmosphere, where a little detail, like a smile of a particular character, says more than the actually words, because you know and understand the character or situation that is sketched. Saying more with less. This is a quality Coelho doesn't understand or possess. Why use a metaphor, if you are going to explain what the metaphor stands for? Why keep repeating relations, feelings, etc., you already pointed out? It doesn't give me, as the reader, the idea I'm being taken seriously by the author.